Hello Friend.

Have you ever felt like you were leaving below your capabilities?

Or that life was always throwing you curve balls?

You reach out to attain something and it spills like oil from hands?

Have you ever felt alone?

Like no one in the world could understand what you were going through.

Like your situation was (is?) so uniquely terrible.

Have you ever wanted to be loved?

Do you sometimes convince yourself that you are actually better off alone and do not “need” anyone?


Welcome to planet earth.

I hate to burst your (blue) bubble but that your situation is not shocking.

There is an identity crisis in the world.

There is a cycle of you are alone, unloved, untalented going on that is causing people to live discontented lives. That is causing people to say things like, “You can’t have everything. you either have a faithful husband or stable children, you either have a perfect, flourishing career or a loving family, you are either rich and happy or loved and peaceful…”

It’s totally crazy.

Through my “You are being loved” campaign; on this site, using my book(s), my Facebook page, I try to make small, steady cracks at the walls that house this Identity Crisis Centre, the Centre responsible for spewing lies about human beings.

Lies that are destroying families because spouses cannot trust each other, parents are not discipling their children and are instead stifling them.

Lies that are making talented, beautiful people to sit on their butts and not even make a single move into transforming their communities and building legacies. Webs covering people’s eyes and convincing them that it is okay to be mediocre, to have just enough, to not have dreams and ambitions…

Why am I on your case?

Good question.

I was once held prisoner in the Identity Crisis centre. I had all sorts of drugs put into my system that truthfully there are still some residues that I’m trying to get rid of up to now. But. I am not where I was before. Because of this I have made it my life mission to help other people know the truth and be set free.

Here’s the truth.

You are being loved. Right now and always.

You are accepted, approved, adored and appreciated.

God is on your side.

He is not angry with you.

He is not nonchalant.

He is alive.

My hope is that as you interact with me on this blog, you’ll grow into a fearless, dream chaser. A person confident not because of what he/she can accomplish but because of who he/she is.


I believe it is God’s will for us to know first of all, that He loves us and secondly, to live out the unique purposes for which He created us.

Join me on this journey of shining light in dark places, exhorting the weak, speaking strength to the feeble-kneed, building bridges and fostering reconciliation, declaring to the world “You are being loved!”

Go ahead and indulge yourself in the posts here and please do leave comments. I would love to hear from you.

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Crazily loved,